Hanuš Deiml
(6th June 1922 Kožlany - 31st July 1972 Praha)

"I remember seeing Hanuš Deiml in the corridor. He was a remarkable and handsome boy," Mrs Jarmila Krejzová (former classmate, neé Bartůňková) says about Hanuš, who was born on June 6th, 1922 to Pavel (born on October 14th, 1891) and Olga (neé Löblová, birth date unknown). The Deiml family lived at 8 Plachého Street. The father was a building official.
Hanuš left school in February 1938 when he was in the fifth grade. His mother stayed at home and he and his father began working as loggers.
They had to change their place of residence and moved to the father's brother's house No 29 in Plasy. All the Deimls were transported to Terezín on January 18th, 1942 and on December 18th, 1943 they were included in the "DS" transport which headed for Auschwitz. Father, uncle Bedřich and his wife Alžběta did not pass the initial selection and were murdered.
Hanuš was liberated in Altenburg at the end of the war. He married Jarmila Čoudková and two years later in 1951 they had a son called Pavel.
Hanuš's cousin Jiří Deiml moved to Israel in 1968 and married Erika Rott. Their grandson Elon Deiml recently takes courses at the Charles University in Prague.
"After his return from the concentration camp he lived with his cousin Jiří in Plasy for a short time. When they got a flat in Prague and his mother finally returned as well (she spent the last days of the war seriously ill in a concentration camp), all three of them lived there. Hanuš found a job in technical industry. Later he worked as a member of a company council and as a leader mechanic," his wife Jarmila Deimlová says.
Hanuš died in 1972 and his son Pavel in 1995. His grandchildren Katka Deimlová and Petr Deiml live in Prague.